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BEFORE and AFTER physiotherapy

Case study of the week: Poppy, 10 year old Labrador, lame on left forelimb, caused by arthritis.

Watch the first half of the video and you will see that Poppy the Labrador is lame in her left forelimb, evident from the head nod. Watch the second half video and see if you can see a head nod.

Poppy's story:

She had been lame for some months diagnosed with carpi (wrist) arthritis in both forelimbs and a soft tissue injury in her left shoulder.

She had been rested and on anti-inflammatories for sometime with no change. After three physiotherapy sessions and an exercise programme for the owner to do at home Poppy was off of the medication and 90% sound.

Physiotherapy for dogs can often improve or resolve long standing lamenesses, back pain and arthritis.

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Case study of the week


Meet Olly, he is a 13 yo #exracer who was bucking during his ridden work in the school. On the first appointment it was evident he was suffering with chronic back pain and I referred him straight to the vet.

His excellent owner had The Liphook Equine Hospital out the same week to do x-rays of his spine and he was diagnosed with #kissingspine in the saddle region. He was then injected with steroid injections to treat the pain and inflammation in his back.

Since then Olly has been having #equinephysiotherpy to help with the discomfort in his back and muscles, increase spinal flexibility and work on his core strength for support. His owner has been working really hard on his ground work #lunging and #longreining over #poles. He has been doing really well and next week is the first time the rider is getting back on him on the school...

Watch this space to see how he does.

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